Started my career as a TV journalist and director, then I spent almost 15 years in advertising and branding working for an independent creative agency IQ marketing (known for bringing the very first Gold Cannes Lions to Russia), for Proximity BBDO, for a digital agency Promo Interactive (Ogilvy Group) and for my own shop TOKAREV+. Now I'm an experienced creative director and a young film director, based in Moscow & Tel Aviv.

A creative leader, a conceptual thinker, a copywriter with a strategy vision and an art-director's eye. I'm known for out-of-the-box approach to challenging marketing problems solving. Indeed, I made the very first viral campaign in Russia (for Danone, huh!) which was adopted for European markets also, successfully launched a new brand on 'dark market' (for Diageo London), created and directed the very first (and so far the only) advertising 'mockumentary', and have a hands-on experience of new products development. Besides, I did some more traditional stuff that got me awards for 'craft in advertising'.

Recommendations (from my Linkedin profile):

"Konstantin is definitely a creative leader, wordsmith and innovative do-er. And he's funny too - which makes hard work easier."

Christopher Vulpi, co-Founder of Trizz (Barcelona-Dusseldorf)

"He demonstrated strong conceptual thinking and creative skills. Good team player and creative coach.

Julia Bogdanovich, CEO at Proximity BBDO

"Konstantin is an unique fusion of creativity, energy and responsibility. In him there are excellent professional capabities combined with honesty, integrity and reliability. Highly recommend this person to everyone."

Boris Shpirt, CEO at Erika Group (ex-Business Development Director at Promo Interactive)

"He is very original thinker and perfect idea communicator. Konstantin is very goal oriented creative manager."

Nikolai Khlopov, co-Founder of THI (ex-Head of Trendspotting at IQ marketing)

"I happy to recommend Konstantin as a brand strategy development specialist and manager. As an undoubted talented creative person, he is capable to find non-obvious but still efficient ways to raise brands on the market.”

Evgenie Boichenko, Head of MBA 'Marketing program' at MIRBIS